Top 10 Best Android Apps 2021 You Should Install

Hello! Hi! In this article, I’m going to tell you the top 10 best Android applications you need to update. Apps are really important to our mobile android. So I’ve got to pick the 10 best apps that are very useful and relevant. These applications are fully free, and you can quickly get them to the Google Play store. So without spending any further time, let’s proceed with the remaining problems.

1: CONVEO Reality Talk

Conveo fake talk is the greatest pranking software ever. This software helps you to build a fake Sapp talk and prank your friends. This is so great men. You can quickly troll your mates by having a fake conversation between them and you. Essentially, this software is for enjoyment only if the use is positive.


Andy is an app for studying English. If your English isn’t strong enough to recommend that you install this app. Basically, Andy is a bot who’s talking to you. Andy is going to ask you some questions. What you have to do is answer certain questions. If your answer is right, Andy will ask you the next question. This move is replicated several times. You will also practice grammar using this tool. I think this is a pretty cool app to learn English.

3: U-dictionary

U-dictionary is another best software for the dictionary. There are thousands of dictionary applications included in the Play Store. But why should I want this app? The solution is an easy one. This software took the Best Dictionary Competition in 2016. The size of this app is tiny, too. You can check the internet for something. For eg, if you want to get the sense of a word, you only need to bypass the notice panel and enter your phrase. This software would respond automatically. You don’t have to launch this software again and again. There are more than 100 languages in this app. Some of them are free and some are downloadable.


Wall Heaven is an interface for wallpaper. There are loads of fun wallpapers available for free in this app. Wallpapers are certainly in absolute HD standard, and you can even import custom wallpapers by inserting the desired screen scale. In addition, this software can instantly find your monitor size and send you excellent wallpapers of all time. I hope you like the wallpaper app.


Long screen shot is the greatest screenshot software ever. This software offers you the opportunity to take Long Screenshots. Sometime you want to grab a screenshot, but the scale of the page is long and the screen size is limited. So this software lets you capture a long snapshot of the hay clicking done. This software would automatically change the screenshots and render a text file in PDF format or some other format. I think it’s a really handy tool to take some nice screenshots.


Vault Calculator is a calculator software, but there’s something unique about this app. This software lets you cover your files including images, songs, or some other document in the Calculator. The gui of this app is the same as the calculator, except you can cover your data in this app as well. It’s really useful for your privacy and protection, I guess.

7: 100GB DEGOO

Degoo 100GB is a free software that offers you 100GB of cloud storage. You will store up to 100GB of your files. For eg, if you have an old android smartphone and you don’t have free space to store your files, you can use this app to store your files permanently. You can store everything you want. What you need to do is build an account on Degoo and start uploading your data. After importing, you may download certain documents anywhere at any time. I think you’re going to enjoy this app.


Ping Tools Wifi is a wifi security app. This software helps you to control your Wi-Fi link. You can quickly see which devices and how many devices are attached to your network. You may even block the linked gadgets from your wifi. You will also see all the information of your network. Generally, this software is perfect for managing your link.

9: Zero CLEANER Archive

Cleaner the empty folder is another helpful tool for your Android devices. This software can help you clean all empty directories & files from your computer with a simple press. What you need to do is open this software and press wipe. It will automatically scan for empty documents & files, and then clean all of them quickly. I think it’s a very nice app to get some free room on your computer. You need to update this software on your smartphone. The scale is 1MB+, too.

10: Pace TEST BY OK

Speed test software is another helpful android app that can offer you an online speed test in real time. If you want to test the Internet speed, such as upload speed, download speed, server speed, etc., than I have 100 percent suggested that you install this program. This is a 100% verified and running program.


I hope you guys are enjoying this message. If you have any issues, please feel free to email us or make a comment below. Thank you.

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