Pang economy on Albatross18 is far worst than I excepted. I haven’t kept up with everything that is going on in their servers, but I do know that it’s infested with pang hackers who gets around 80-90k a round on Ice Spa plus their additional bonus pang hack you may not know about that they receive for each shot. And to top it off, Albatross18 is having double pang and xp event for two weeks while they are still on the loose. Each hackers can make new accounts and level up to Rookie E quicker, and obviously receive more pang in their pocket.

Then I hear that selling or even buying can lead your account in the wrong direction. If you sell in PSquare and a pang hacker buys from you, your account is linked with that hacker that could get you in a dilemma. In worst case scenario, your account getting banned.

I decided to test it out for myself to see how bad PSquare is doing. I looked around and it wasn’t a shocker to see that most Black Papel, and seasonal limited-time rares are selling for unreasonable prices. I have some rares on my main account that I don’t mind parting with so instead of using my main account as test, I’m using my other account in case a Pang hacker happens to buy my stuff.

Since I don’t know how much these items are going for, I went with the price based on the people that are currently selling at this point. So I set the price as so:

Romeo Mask (UB): 7,100,000 [sold]

Doom Cap (S): 7,600,000 [sold]

Juliet Mask (K): 8,000,000

Juliet Mask (C): 7,400,000

Devils Feather (C): 180,000 [sold]

Pink Blush (UB): 5,000,000 [sold]

Five minutes later, Bob’s pink blush was sold. I was hysterically laughing at how bad this economy is going. Five million pang for Bob people, Bob.

Fifteen minutes later, Cecilia’s devils feather was sold. It’s no big deal, but I was surprised it sold since I think I saw several people selling for less than that.

Around one hour later, Scout’s Doom Cap was sold. I’ve sold a total of over 10 million pang so far. How ridiculous is that. Who knows if it’ll keep going.

Around two hours later, Bob’s Romeo Mask was sold. I’m going to close the shop now. This is truly unbelievable that I’m almost at 20 million for only two hours.

If this keeps up, almost every account will have at least 20 million pang, which may be equivalent to 7 million pang on Korea. It’s that bad.

Oh, and I wouldn’t be surprised once A18 gets Season 4 that you cannot buy cards in PSquare for the sole purpose of this. But if they do make it where you can buy cards, then expect Titanboo and Control Cards to be at 10 million then. Brie cards will have to be done privately since it’ll obviously be worth more than 10 million. But maybe on the bright side, selling these cards in PSquare could let players spend their overwhelming pang so the increased prices will stop. But who knows really.

I’m not sure if Korea or A18 expected to have pang hackers on A18’s server in the near future, but I’m kind of glad they didn’t implement to sell eCard rares when A18 launched Season 3. Can you imagine how many people and hackers are going to ask for your rares over and over to the point where you may end up wearing Astro or Pang outfits to avoid those kind of people? You’ll even have to part away with your Air Lance 3 or else they’ll ask for that too. I do give them props for doing eCard exchange events, so I do encourage them to keep going with that.

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