Ok, I’m aware at how misleading the title appears. However, bear with me this once. Has Sledgehammer really toppled Treyarch‘s mighty empire? Of course not. Will the (dare I say?) most anticipated Call of Duty game to date catapult Sledgehammer to gaming godhood? It’s possible. After all, the game hasn’t been released yet, but what we’ve seen is beyond amazing. Including an all new social game mode called: Headquarters (Similar to Destiny’s Tower), and the return of Nazi zombies. The thought alone is enough to make many of the fans that have abandoned the title, give it a second look. The beta will most likely be available sometime after this year’s E3 convention in June. So, we don’t necessarily know what to expect with WWII, just yet. All we really do know is that there was a cry to bring Call of Duty back to its roots, and away from the direction of Infinity Ward‘s Infinite warfare(I enjoy IW a lot BTW).

Granted, Sledgehammer was responsible for setting off the age of boosters with exo-suits in their solo go at it, with Advanced Warfare(confession? I like that game also). Still, it was Treyarch that improved on the idea of thrusters and furthered the futuristic themed games with Black Ops 3. So, who is it that sits on top?

Treyarch’s Black Ops series contains, arguably, the best Call of Duty game in all their inceptions: Black Ops 2. Yes, I said BO2. I understand a great deal of you will favor choosing Infinity Ward & Sledgehammer’s Modern Warfare 3 over bo2, but this is my blog. Infection and the MOAB alone should be enough to place this game on a pedestal. Also, how could anyone forget Soap’s death? No, MW3 was one of the best. It has stood the test of time, and it will always be fun to play. However, for the sake of neutrality, let’s speak in terms of numbers. Modern Warfare 3 was a huge financial success, without a doubt. The game grossed over $400mil within the first 24hrs of its release. MW3 had “the biggest entertainment launch of all time, until it was surpassed by Black Ops 2 in November of 2012.” Black Ops 2 pulled in an astonishing $500 million within 24hrs.

Although, numbers alone do not equate success. Who’s going to deny walking around at some point blurting out “The numbers Mason, what do they mean?!” Or, playing zombies until they smelt of old tacos and fresh garlic. BO2 is a classic in every sense of the word. With this game came the title of champ for Treyarch, and mounting pressure for others to follow suit. After the poor receiving of Call of Duty: Ghost, Sledgehammer stepped out on its own with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Unfortunately, the game did not receive the same acclaim that its predecessors did. The addition of supply drops and exo-suits turned many players off. Even with AW being one of the best selling games of its year, Activision refused to release the games first 24hr grossing sales. Stating only that AW helped them to reach $10bil.

Naturally, this left Treyarch in the position to save Activision’s declining franchise. Black Ops 3 was that game, topping $550mil in the first 72hrs. The game did hit some bumps on its way into infamy, as it split the fan base in half. Some loved the boosters, while others still won’t stop complaining about them. Overall, the game was a success. Almost two years later and a new DLC zombies expansion pack for BO3 has been confirmed for later this month.

With BO3 showing no signs of letting up, Treyarch looks to dominate another year in sales. This means that for now Treyarch is top dog. That is, until Sledgehammer’s November 3, 2017 WWII release. Sledgehammer began the future trend. So, it’s only right that they should end it. Still, there’s a long way to go before Sledgehammer can claim dominance in the world of Call of Duty.

I hope this game is an astronomical hit. Like a child waiting for Christmas, I cannot wait to unwrap this amazing gift. The amount of tremendous hard work that Sledgehammer has put into this project is unbelievable. I’m sure it’s safe to say that the ones that benefited the most from this roller coaster ride, were the fans, myself included.

See ya at the beta!



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