I apologize in advance for any offense from the mess in our den but it is currently without storage other than desk drawers so there are still boxes holding everything. Also, the guest room in under construction so there’s been some spill-over from what was in that room.

First off, let me give you an overview. This room was listed as a bedroom, but we really didn’t need three bedrooms for two people so we are using it as a study. I have started building floor plans for the house since there were none before we moved in. This should help us know our space better. SO here’s the den:

Those are not where the desks are or even what color they are, but they are there in the plan because I am trying to figure out how to arrange the room.

Now to the picture tour.

First, my new craigslist desk! Yes it’s red. Yes it is getting painted. No not any time soon. But really I don’t mind the red. It’s very flashy. Unfortunately the person I bought it from did not do a great paint job (it’s supposed to look distressed – that’s not what I mean) and anytime anything sits on it for more than a few minutes it is stuck and takes paint with it when I yank it off. I will definitely do a better job when I repaint it.

Another angle just ‘cuz I think it’s so cute! Also, Flit’s hind end is in both of these picutres – she will lay on anything any everything. Especially if she’s never laid on it before. It’s like an adventure to her…

Don’t you love that chair?! It used to be in my parents house before I claimed it and, thanks to dad, reupholstered it with a great yellow and grey¬†silhouette fabric. Another reason to paint the desk – it doesn’t really match the great chair.

And here is a close-up of the awesome new knobs I put on it. The originals were cheap plastic with peeling paint, so I went more durable and versatile – these will go with any color.

This is the view of the room from the bathroom door to the left. There is a bathroom between this room and the guest room (which also is connected to the master bedroom). It’s like a hallway without a hallway?

Currently, we have one of my two couches in the den because we spend most of our time in there and there was no cushy seating available. I have a plan to fix that that I’ll share when I’ve figured it all out. The natural sunlight is amazing in this room – this photo was taken in the evening (the window on the right faces west) and still had great light.

Here’s from the bathroom door to the right. That’s Alek’s desk (with the scorpion cage – ew) and the ugly wall-lights that the previous owner had around her bed. Those will be coming down when construction begins on this room. Alek’s desk and chair are antique and beautiful – he has plans to sand and re-stain the desk when we start working on the den after the guest room is done.

The view from the door to the living room. And Flit.

I know I know too many pictures but I want to document every angle for the before and after effect. I didn’t do this as well with the guest room (which you’ll see soon) and I regret this now. Still from the living room door but towards my desk.

And, lastly, from the couch to the doors. The closed one is the coat closet right now (it needs work too). Flit has a compulsion to be where you are so she will likely be in most pictures on this blog.

(Note: see the paint supplies on the bathroom floor? You’ll see where we used those soon!)

Well there’s the den (and a little of the living and bath rooms). You may have noticed that the doors are not the same height. Yeah. None of them are. Or the same width. The door to the living room is 34″ wide, the closet is 27″ wide and the bathroom door is 31″ wide. God bless 1800s construction.

More to come soon! We have a lot of changes going on right now to share that we are crazy excited about. Like jump up an down and squeal like a little girl excited! Can’t wait to show you all! Love! -Kaci

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