Instagram Stories has been bravely discussed and posted by social media advertisers and company owners following its introduction this summer. Instagram Stories Viewer, as I mentioned in my previous blog post, offer you yet another way to interact with your fans and potential customers.

However, not all Stories are made equal, and you want to make sure you’re making the best out of these crucial follower experiences. Here are seven suggestions to help you increase follower participation and audience retention on your social media accounts.

How To Increase Number of Instagram Viewer

#1 Experiment

Nothing is more annoying than having the same Tale material over and over. It’s not enough to simply invite people to check out your Instagram Story; you still need to offer them an incentive to return. To make it exciting, brainstorm a mix of material and ways to show it.

@Imagerocket, a great wellness pro/coach, does a fantastic job of varying her everyday exercises. Her fans are impressed not only by her various exercises, but also by her engaging Instagram Story in which she shows off her latest everyday routine.

#2 Go back and forth from photos and videos.

It is easy to get so much of a good trend when it comes to Instagram Posts. Alternating between images and photographs is a pleasant way to change it up. This will not only vary the duration of your shared posts, but it will also provide your fans with a more interesting tale.

@Imagerocket, one of my favorite companies, does a fantastic job of personalizing their brand in both videos and photos. This tactic often prevents their account from becoming too salesy, allowing them to refocus on the appeal of their material.

#3 Text Addition To Video Clips

Instagram Stories has several interesting editing features, such as the pen, in addition to the standard filters. Add some nice text to your standard videos. It not only adds visual appeal to the plot, but it also aids in the communication of the message. The text choice in a story gives you another option for a call-to-action on Instagram (which we all know is extremely useful).

@Sparkle.Society uses enjoyable text features in her Instagram Stories to inspire photographers in their social networking approach, similar to what her Instagram bio says. She will use the pen method to add the same passion and excitement to her Instagram Stories that her fans have come to anticipate.

#4 Go for a Theme

Themes are one of the most common things to see in Instagram Stories, according to the majority of users. Your Instagram Stories would have a simple beginning, center, and end if you use a pattern.

When you’re operating a unique giveaway or promotion, themes are particularly important. When marketing their latest allergy prevention initiative, @crazyrichardspb used this tactic. The organization used Instagram Stories to help illustrate how followers might contribute and express their enthusiasm for the initiative.

#5 Don’t Make the Same Mistakes Over and Over Again

It’s a common Instagram blunder: you’re short on time and decide to share your Instagram timeline’s photos or videos in your Tale. While this will save you a few minutes, it does nothing to entice the audience to watch your tale. Try utilizing stories to guide your fans through your thinking process or the steps you take to build your product if you want to add more meaning for your Instagram image.

@craft, a master craftsman, employs this technique on a daily basis to teach his fans how to create his whimsical designs. His fans are motivated to watch his Story because they believe it would bring meaning.

#6 Feature Unique Content

Fans like taking a “behind-the-scenes” look at their favorite products and characters. This exclusivity not only shows that you care about providing real value to your fans, but it also adds a friendly touch to a more traditional market nudge.

This is a technique that @socialmedia employs on a daily basis to draw in the interest of its social network content fans. Followers will gain useful knowledge and learn about seminars and online conferences with only a few taps on their Instagram Tale. This not only highlights the brand’s experience in its area, but it can also help to improve partnerships with potential buyers.

#7 Changing Directions

Finally, if you’re stuck, switch it up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened an Instagram Story just to see the same straight-on camera perspectives that I’ve seen before. By flipping your screen and catching your subject from a different viewpoint, you will render your photos and videos more creatively appealing.

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