1. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool from Tool bar. Mouse pointer shape symbols will be plus.

2. This tool is part of the photo on the right side of the little baby girl has her balloons hold down the mouse to click and drag the pointer to get to the bottom. Turns out she’s as much a part of the child’s leg dragging the mouse to leave pointers.

3. The text around the text will be selected and viewed in a running line. At this point you can cut, copy, Fill, etc. Commands can be used. Provide instruction to edit+copy from the menu or keyboard press crtl+c together. Copy can be selected.

4. Provide instruction to file New from the menu or from the keyboard press  ctrl+N together. New dialog box for creating a new file. Here you can see the width and height of the value of the placement of the house. Copy the little before we’ve had a copy of it’s width and height of the pixel size. So you can just click OK. Will create a new file.

5. Provide instruction to edit+past from the menu or keyboard press ctrl+V to put together. Paste the text into a new file, leaving the copied image. If you want you can save the file with a name. Thus, the specific portion of an image is selected.

Make a square selection:

The biggest selection of any quadrilateral Rectangular Marquee Tool to create the image. But if you want the tool to create a square selection to take the steps below:

1. Please select the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the toolbox. The mouse pointer will contain the plus symbol size.

2. Hold down the shift key from the keyboard to the mouse pointer, click on the image and hold down the left button and drag the mouse pointer to the bottom of your stay freely. Square rectangle will continue to do as much down.

3. After the first release left mouse button to select the image area after the release of the shift key pressed.

4. Selection will be made on a square-shaped line and dot dot can be seen moving around. Enjoy this part of the cut, copy, paste, etc can fill.

Make a selection from the center point of the square:

From the center point of the image to create a square selection, use the following steps:

1. Select the Rectangular Marquee  Tool from the Toolbox.

2. Open the image in the middle of the keyboard to the mouse pointer brought together, hold down shift+alt and click the mouse pointer in the image and hold down the left mouse button and drag to the top or stay below. It will do the same.

3. Whether the selection was made in the middle you see the image you drag the mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the image is likely to be the center of the large size of the class is created. In the square area of the image to fit your needs and leave the left button of the mouse, and then shift+alt key to both stress-free. Dot dot line can be seen moving around the selected text.

4. This is the part of the state, you can cut, copy, paste, etc can fill.

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