If you have decided not to wait for visitors finding your site in the maze of the web , go ahead and follow these instructions to get traffic for your site.

– If you

know how many visitors visit your site daily or who is referring them, its a complete waste of highly valuable data. Just sign up with

for the Free Basic version and you will get all the important data like

* Numbers of visitors to your site
* IP addresses and Server location
* Referring websites
* Time of visit and duration of stay
* OS and browser information
* Entry pages and Exit pages

– Its like going to them before they waste time searching you out. However If you

submit it

mean they will never add your site to their index. Most of top search engines will add your site for free. TRY and AVOID

paid search listings. Free directories like Dmoz have such a huge backlog that it would not make any difference if you add your blog there.

Here a few links for submitting your

is a blog ranking website. More sites linking to your site , the better your

rank and more chances of it getting visitors from

. Its a FREE service where you have to claim your blog after

with them. You are given a html code to be added in your site so that

automatically knows when you have added a new post.

– Just go to the

and join them for Free. After that Submit your latest post as an article with your site

in the body. They get high page ranking in Google and your article has a fair chance of attracting visitors for your blog. Remember write useful posts and be original , NEVER COPY.

is an excellent Article on how to do it.

– If you are too desperate to get traffic go ahead and buy traffic from search engines. While a google search on paid traffic will throw up hundreds of sites, sticking to the top three is by far the wisest thing to do. How does Google Adwords / Overture / Msn Adcentral work ? All three work on PPC ( pay per click) model where you bid for keywords and pay for every click on your ad. Things can get pretty expensive if you do not know what you are doing. Bidding on high value keywords can get pretty intense and often prices go north of $50 a click. Try to bid on very specific keywords where competition is low and maintain a fixed daily budget. Also remember to have the target country and age group in mind.You dont want to pay for a 10 yr old to visit your site about stock markets.

While services other than the top 3 will be quite tempting due to the low costs, a quick research showed me that often these services SCAM their clients and use automatic bots ( web robots ) to send traffic to a client’s website.They can send a million hits to your website without a human ever seeing your site. SO STAY AWAY is what I’ll suggest.

Among the top three Google Adwords is the most recommended due to its vast network and easy to use interface. You can have one account to show ads to people anywhere on the planet. Overture requires you to open different accounts ( seperate deposits required) for different countries which is quite a disadvantage compared with Adwords.

– With

crossing 400 million active users, possibilities of getting visitors from social networks is only becoming more and more evident. To get traffic from sites like Facebook you have to signup and launch a campaign with keywords just like with Adwords. However there are some concerns that Facebook traffic is non converting traffic.Simply put They Rarely Buy Stuff so think twice before shelling out if you are seeking traffic that will convert for you. Other important sites like Myspace.com also offer to run campaigns.

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