You may know that there are mainly 2 kinds of AdSense Account.

1. Hosted AdSense.

2. Non-Hosted AdSense.

Hosted AdSense

Hosted AdSense is connected with YouTube channel and Blogger. You can easily get a Hosted AdSense account and start making money from today!

How to get Hosted AdSense?

If you want to get a Hosted AdSense Account just sign up for YouTube. Create a YouTube Channel.

After creating a channel just verify your channel. Then enable monetization for your channel. Then apply for AdSense account. You can apply for AdSense without uploading any video. There is no recommendation for applying with video or without video. Because many users are getting approved AdSense without uploading video.

It will say 7 days to approve. But you will be approved within 24 hours and quickly. For making money you have to upload video. Don’t think that, after uploading any kind of video you will start making money! You have to upload great quality contents. Then you can start making money online from YouTube.

How many channels can you add into 1 AdSense account?

You can add up to 500 YouTube Channels in one AdSense Account. So, don’t worry. You can create many channels from a YouTube account and add them to 1 AdSense account.

Note: Try to maintain AdSense Policy and rules to avoid AdSense account suspend. If you got suspend, Google will not allow you to create new AdSense account from the same PC and with the same information. So, Be careful!

Non-Hosted AdSense

Non-Hosted AdSense is connected with website or Blog. It is a little bit hard to get approved Non-Hosted AdSense.  You have to work hard to build a good quality blog or website. Then you have to rank your site on search results. So you have to do proper SEO with maintaining Google Algorithm updates.

Site design and structure should have neat and clean. Then you have to post 30+ quality articles. Every article should be minimum 500 words or long. Longer articles have many guarantees to rank on search results. But is should be a quality full article.

You have to wait at least 3 months to apply for Non-Hosted AdSense account. Then Google Team will manually check your site. They will check the popularity of your blog or website. Also, they will check the articles you posted on your blog.

After successfully review within 7 days, they will reply you with status. If your site is approved, you will see congratulation Message! If not, then they will tell you the reason why they didn’t approve your account.

Then try to solve the issue and again you can apply for Non-Hosted AdSense account.

Note: You can add many sites in one Non-Hosted AdSense account. After getting a Non-Hosted AdSense account you can add AdSense code to your new site easily. You can add up to 500 sites. So, maintain 1 AdSense account properly. Maintain AdSense policy and rules to avoid suspension. Be careful! Earn money from your blog easily from online.

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