Many people come to me and ask for help in changing their lives; they ask what steps they can take to live in God’s image. The answer is fairly simple; the practice, not as much. How do you locate the center of your transformation? The key to your transformation can be easily found in between your two ears. If youw ant God to transform your life entirely, allow Him free access to the sacred soil of your mind. Allow His word to become your primary focus. Renew your mind through prayer and meditation. The word renew literally means to make new again, to restore, or to bring into being again. Mind renewal can be compared with the experience of being born again. Every time your mind becomes renewed in an area, you are being born again into a new awareness.

If you haven’t had a mind renewal in the area of healing, then you will remain sick and diseased. You won’t be sick because that is your plight, but rather because you are not aware of the access that you have to healing. Your mind does not see healing as an option because it has not been renewed, thus preventing it from becomming aware of infinite possibilities concerning health and wholeness. You will make routine visits to the doctor every time you feel bad because going to the doctor is the only solution that you are aware of.

You can even go to the doctor’s and continually get sent back hom with misdiagnosis, feeling just as badly as you did before you went to see him/her. The next time you feel sickly, intuitively you go right back to the same doctor that could not help you the last time. Why is that? The reason you do that is because you are not aware of anything other than that. Once you become aware of higher truths, then youw ill become open to a level of transformation available to all, yet few seize its benefits.

God has already supplied your need. He has already made you wealthy. You are healed. However, none of those things will matter at all if your mind has not been renewed to that reality. You must become aware of those things in order for you to partake of its fruit. Have you ever driven by a certain building in town but you did not know what it was? It may have been a retail store, selling niche goods that you were looking for. Instead of stopping to look in the store to see what was inside, you just kept on driving by. You did that for years. The goods that you could have purchased at a nearby store that you drove by every day, you ended up purchasing somewher else. You may have even purchased an inferior product. Why was that? You were not aware that the store was there, and you were unaware of waht the store offered. Your mind had to become renewed, reprogrammed if you will, to the many options available to you.

Mind renewal will bring you to a place that you will be rebuilt, reconditioned, reconstructed and restored. You are being made over again! Dare to believe this by faith! Faith is the key that will change your present and bring your future to pass. In order for God’s will to manifest in your life, you have got to believe it into manifestation by an act of faith.

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