As I said in my previous posts, Click bank is by far the best affiliate network out there to begin with as a starter to learn the business of affiliate marketing, while making affiliate commission. Affiliate marketing will help you work from home on the Internet. The question most people ask is : “how do I succeed promoting Click bank Products?’ Well, there is no right or wrong answer here but I am going to give you a roadmap that points you to some of the best resources out there to make you succeed. This is no FLUFF talk; I will be direct.


1. You need a domain name, whether it is “” or other domain name that you will use to promote Click bank products, I prefer , where you can register a domain name. The good thing about “ is that you can use it to promote several Click bank products with multiple squeeze pages;

2. You need a hosting account to host your squeeze page or pages and my best provider is Hostgator

3. You need a Squeeze page for each Click bank product to capture your subscribers’ names and email addresses. I love video squeeze pages because they are an easy sell. You can get TEN FREE VIDEO SQUEEZE PAGES HERE!

4. You need a free report to give to your subscribers to make them give you their information so that you can promote products to them;

5. Sometimes you could place an upsell or OTO (One Time Offer) on the download page of your free report. However, it may seem that you just want to sell to them. I would then leave it out. It is up to you if you want to use this route;

6. You need an Auto-Responder to use in your squeeze page to capture the email addresses. One of the best providers is Aweber and you can get your first month for $1.   You will be given a code that you can place in your squeeze page;

7. When people subscribe to your list after downloading your free report, you can start building rapport with them before pitching them one of your Click bank products for them to purchase. You build rapport by mailing to them continuously to get to know you. I wouldn’t advise you to start selling to them immediately;

8. When everything is set, follow my last post to begin selecting the best Click bank products to promote. One of the best niches as a beginner is the IM (Internet marketing), MM (make money), or Online business niche. There are people out there who will spend anything to start making money on the Internet.

9. The next step is to start driving traffic to promote your squeeze page. There are several methods in the book, among them are: Facebook Fan page, Twitter marketing, solo ads, contributing to JV giveaways, viral list building, Ad swaps, etc. I am not going into them here but I will address them in my next post.

Watch out for my next post on the various traffic methods to promote your squeeze page.

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