Before I list the five reasons, know that the first reason is the most important. You’ll see.

Okay, here they are:

WordPress starting out as a blogging platform, but has grown into a full fledged Content Management System. Let’s explore the five top reasons in a bit more detail:


Things change fast. You need to be able to update the content of your site anytime, day or night. One thing you don’t want is to be dependent on your “web guy” (or web gal) to make a small change to your site. With WordPress, you or anyone on your staff can log in and make a small change in a minute.


Most web host control panels have a software section that will install and configure free applications for you. On my control panel, the software service is called “Softaculous”. If your host doesn’t have this kind of service, it’s still fairly easy to install WordPress. Just look for their “famous five minute install” instructions, and follow them to the letter.


You can add pages and edit your menu in seconds. Uploading images is a drag and drop affair. Manage all aspects of your site within the “Dashboard”, the WordPress interface. Though any interface has a learning curve, I think you’ll find this one has a gentle curve that allows you to do a great deal with little knowledge or savvy.


Basically, most anything you can do with the web can be done in WordPress, as long as someone has built the plug-in or theme necessary to make it happen.

You want a WordPress Theme. Actually, your WordPress site always has some sort of theme active. Themes determine the overall style of your site. However, Themes are not merely “skins” to change the look of your site – they add functionality, as well.

For example, a theme that includes a contact page will usually have the code to validate the form input, and even send the submission to your email address. It might also have the Google Maps code to show visitors where you are located.

Plug-ins add functionality, but do not change the overall look your site, but while you can only have one active Theme, you can have many plug-ins active at the same time. You may have a slide show plug-in, a media player plug-in and even an e-commerce plug-in all running on the same site with no conflicts (usually).

There are thousands of Themes and plug-ins, some free, some cost money, and some are amazing!


Having a blog with high quality articles can increase traffic to your site, and build up your reputation as an expert in your field. There’s a bit more to actually building traffic from a blog, but it’s something to keep in mind.


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