Social Media is very useful for us to get the traffic and blog posts sharing. Social Media is also considered in Google Algorithm. So here we tell you about How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to WordPress Posts.

If you want to get more social shares and get more traffic then install social media icons on WordPress website and blog. So it will help in getting more sharings to your best content.


So in this, we tell you about adding social media widgets through plugins.

1. Login your WordPress.

2. Go to Plugins and Click Add New.

3. Search Social Sharings.

4. You will find more plugins but use the plugin which has given by WordPress.

5. Use this Plugin.

6. Install this Plugin.

7. After Install then Activates it. Then this plugin is installed on your website and blog posts.

8. After this, you can share your posts and websites through many social platforms.

This plugin has many Features.


Features of Super Socializer Plugin:


A. It has integrated social sharing, social comments, social comments at the website in the easy and simple way.

B. In this plugin, you can share your blog posts on 100 networks.

C. It has social media follow icons.

D. It will count the total shares for the blog post and website.

E. It has free icon customization options.

F. Choose the Icons shape like you want round, square, rectangular shapes.

G. Horizontal and Vertical Sharing.

H. You can arrange the order of icons.

I. Mobile Responsive

J. Compatible with other plugins like Woo Commerce, Buddy Press etc.

K. It is compatible with HTTPS.

I. 24/7 support. Best and quickest support.

L. You can do URL Shortening with this plugin.

M. You can clear cache through this plugin like URL caching.

N. Enable and Disable sharing option. In this, you can enable and disable social sharing buttons to posts, pages.

O. It gives you the shortcode for social comments.


This plugin has 4 options which give you the variety


1. General Options

2.  Social Commenting

3. Social Logins

4. Social Sharing

5. Like Buttons


a. General Options:


In general options, you should enable all the options.

These options are

1. Include JavaScript in Footer

2. Combine JavaScript in Single File. Load all Javascript in Single File.

3. Delete all the option when the plugin will be deleted.

4. Show Pop Up notification to the user if their browser blocks all the plugin features.


b. Social Commenting


In social commenting, You should select platforms through which user can comment.

If you do not want that anyone could not comment on WordPress commenting. You can select Social Commenting like Facebook comments or Disqus, Google Plus comments.

Select the best option which is preferred by you.


c. Social Login:


If you want that user can comment when they log in to their social media accounts then you should enable this option.


d. Social Sharing

If you want that website sharing buttons should be round, rectangle, square then select the best option among these.

In this, you can select buttons length, size, border etc.

You can enable URL Shortening in this plugin.


e. Like Buttons:


You can add Like Buttons through this plugin.

Select where you want to show these buttons.

Select the position and location of these buttons.

The title should be written.

So by this, you can add Like buttons in WordPress website.

So Use this Plugin on your website and get more like and sharing.


So in this article, you have known How to Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to WordPress Posts. You have also known about the features and which option should be enabled to get more exposure. So use this plugin and technique to get social traffic to your WordPress website or blog.


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