These 3 words, computer buying guide, are the one that should make peoples thinking a lot. I cannot forget the day I bought my first desktop computer, the joy was overwhelming, I finely had my toy, woohoo!!!.

As I did many of you had or will do the same, and not pay any attention of these 3 words. Did a friend came to you and said? “noooo, you should not have bought this computer, it is a bad one” or something like this? “bah, you should have told me, I would have show you where to buy one at better prices.”

With the idea to avoid this, let me explain why these 3 words (computer buying guide) should make you think.


Computer Buying Guide – Introduction


> I am pretty sure many of you came with that idea in mind as; “Getting my hands on a computer could be nice, it would help me in my works.” Did you? Maybe not, but there is always a reason and it makes all of us to think about the, why?


> What is a good price for a computer? $300, $500, $800, $1200, $2000, $3000? Are we talking about budget here? Or the price range for good computers? This make us think about how much I am ready to spend (budget) and the understanding of the right price to pay.


> Should I buy a brand computer like HP? An used one? A clone? And what about the best store? I think this call for a little guidance, is it? This make us think about computer buying guides. Lucky for you, you are at the right place.

As you can see now, computer buying guide are 3 words that call for lot of thinking.

It is important to understand what is involve when time come to buy a computer for the first time or a new computer, because whatever the reason or the budget there is a computer suited for you, and this computer buying guide will help you find out which one it is, in the hope to avoid deceptions and maybe pay less than you could think it should cost you.


Computer Buying Guide – The Why?

The first question I always ask to peoples refering to me is, why? Why do you want a computer or what you intend to do with a computer. The reason why you want a computer will make a big difference in your budget. Let see how far it cans go by using some reasons.

Computer for general home works or Internet:

> Computer for general home works are the less expensive because you only need a minimal of power and peripherals like a printer. For that kind of computer you are in the range of $300 to $500. Here some examples.

* School works focus on research on Internet
* Writer for a journal, magazine etc.
* For chatting with friends over Internet via MSN
* Building an E-Business (work at home)

> Those reasons and many more do not need high price hardware, so even an used computer cans do just fine.

Computer for professional works:

> Here start the spending. Those computers are far more powerful and may need some expensive peripherals like a professional drawing pad, or a very high price graphic card, etc. For that kind of computers you are in the range of $800 to $1200 and some times even to $2000 if not more. Here some examples.

* 3D modeler or for 3D animations
* Professional architect
* Professional audio works

> All these reasons and other like these call for a specific high price piece of hardware or peripherals. Speed, memory, and storage capacities are greatly involve.

Computer for gaming AKA gaming machine:

> Ok this get very interesting now or discouraging for parents. If you want to buy a computer for your kid and he is not a gamer then you will save some money not buying a computer gaming machine ranged from $1000 to $1400 or around. These computers for the most parts are fine if your kid is just a casual gamer.
> But if your kid is what we call a gamer or you are a gamer then watch out. Get ready to spend lots of money because we are talking about the best of the best here. A gamer is the best or wish to become the best at every game he plays and will do everything to help him to achieve that goal. We are talking about computer ranged from $1600 to a crazy $3000.
> To understand what is involve I will give price examples for common piece of hardware used as gaming machine. So you get the idea.

* Graphic card – $300 is very common, $500 and plus for the best of the best usually when it is a brand new card on the market.

* Sound system bundle – We want the best gaming experience here so an audio card and at least 5.1 theater speakers, a pair of headset to interact in real time over Internet. About $150 to $300 or around for a very good bundle.

* Mouse – No way for wireless. Its lag and we do not have time to change the battery. $50 to $100 for the best. I know it is very expensive for just a mouse but we are gamers remember? So all the little extra buttons on those mice help to become the best.

> I think you got the point here, and I am not even talking about the CPU, Memory, CPU fan, computer case etc.

Of course spending $3000 for a computer evens for a gaming machine is totally crazy and surely not needed to have almost the best gaming experience. But keep in mind that when we talk about gaming experiences, the price goes up pretty fast.


Computer Buying Guide – Brand Names VS Clones

First let me explain what exactly a computer clone is. A clone is not a computer mount from a manufacturer likes HP. They have no names and are sold in stores own by small businessperson and not in large surface stores like Future Shop or Best Buy for example.

Do clones are as good as brand names? Yes they are, but you must know what you buy.

What is the point of computer clones then? The price.

Computer clones can be less expensive if you know what you are buying or have the desire buying a computer with specifics hardware. And usually if you find a good store, you will get better services.

The best computer clone part is the possibility to change the pre made bundle offer by the store. Add more memory, better hard drive and so on. You make the computer the way you wish it to be.

Another good aspect of computer clones is, you will not wait 1 month or more from the manufacturer to get a hardware change from the store if something happen. Clones computer are build from what the store has in stock and can change it in your computer in no time. Some times it takes only few days if not only 1.

Whatever is your decision here, I suggest you go through the entire site to get a good general idea of what hardware is used to mount a computer. Good information and some nice tips are there and may help you make a better buying experience.

Computer Buying Guide – Conclusion

Know your needs, figure out what should be the best price range for your budget, and then you will have a good idea what the best computer should be for you.

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