Hi there! So you’re thinking about business on the web. If you’re new to the web and a little confused, here’s a plain english run-down that might help you out a bit.

My name is Conrad, I’m a piano player and in my second year on the net I generated nearly $300,000 in sales for the year. And not the early days of the web either, I did this in 2001. I didn’t sell any porn, I didn’t use any affiliate programs, no gambling and no MLM or get rich schemes.

I’m not a dummy, but I don’t have a college degree (I got kicked out of three colleges) and have worked the bulk of my life playing piano for a living. Although I’ve had a computer for 12 years, I’m not a computer whiz, know nothing about DOS or computer code, and as you can tell from my grammar I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.

So why am I putting myself down on my web design site? Because like I said, I generated nearly $300,000 on the web in my second year, and I’m pretty confident I’ll be at $1,000,000 per year within three years.

Everyone I know who jumped on the internet bandwagon a couple years ago is out of business. Most of these people had degrees and specialized programming skills. But I also noticed real early on that most people I ran into were very impressed with themselves and were buying into trends that didn’t make any sense to me.

My message to you is that there is LOTS of room open on the internet. I’m not going to tell you what I did, but I’ll tell you the basic concepts that do well on the internet. You should also know that although I design all my own personal sites, I didn’t make my money in web design. I made it in selling products and/or services just like your own company does!

Marketing – This is not what most people think it is, it’s not rocket science. If you have a product focused on a certain group, then FOCUS ON THAT GROUP. Don’t try to sell to the whole world on your site. Focus on the most profitable group within your market and create a site suited for their tastes. For example, this web design site is focused on growing small business. It’s simple, clean and to the point. Nothing too flashy.

Niche Markets – One of a kind products are a gold mine on the internet. If you have a custom, one of a kind product, then focus on JUST THAT PRODUCT. Don’t try to be Wal-Mart. If you have a one of a kind product and need backing, please contact Askland Technologies, Inc.

Business Ethics – If you’re serious about your business, don’t get sucked into get rich schemes and MLM systems. Focus on legitimate products of value for long term customers. We receive A LOT of referral sales with our company. I would say a good 5% of our sales are from referrals.

Phone Support – There are still a lot of people a little uncomfortable with the internet. These clients are put at ease when they can talk to a real human being. You will nearly DOUBLE sales if you have phone support. For example, right now you are probably surfing business web design sites but may be a little leary. Once you call our 800 phone support, you’ll probably become a customer! We strongly suggest an 800 number, just be ready for the occasional expensive overseas call.

Be Human – Don’t get too stuffy and corporate with your language. If you are still reading this, you are probably a little refreshed by the relaxed American English on our site. Corporate writing style is fine for impressing yourself, but we have found it often alienates potential clients.

Prices – Customers on the internet shop heavy. Make sure your prices are competitive for your product.

Be Concise – Internet surfers have a very short attention span. They want information quick and easy. We will take care of creating easy navigational menus for you. Make sure your text content is to the point and focused.

OK, so I left out one bit of information when was I putting myself down at the top of the page. I’m great at coming up with new ideas and I ALWAYS surround myself with excellent artists and programmers. Make sure your staff is knowledgeable AND committed!

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