Through movie downloads, enjoying blockbusters is made more convenient. It spares you from going out of your home to rent a title or watch in the cinema. That is why millions of people worldwide opt for this convenience, made possible by the internet technology.

There are tons of online sites where they can pay for their regular dose of movies. However, there is a free way of getting movies online that many people take advantage of. It is called bit torrent sharing, or P2P (peer to peer) file sharing. And it is not only movies that bit torrent sharing makes available. There are also books, videos, software, music and others.

How does this wonder work? Well, first you need for the film you are looking for saved on other people’s computers. And most of them have to be logged on the internet at the same time you are looking for a particular title. Through torrent, you can get small pieces of the film you are looking for from such users, or peers. You download bits, until they are completed in your own computer.

So how do you download movies through bit torrent? First, you need to download and install in your computer a torrent program or software. You can easily find this on the web, and it is for free. Having this program is necessary as it is through it that you can locate users with the film you wish to download.

After downloading and installing the program, it is time for you to search for available movies. For this, you should go to a torrent web page. You will not have trouble finding such, as there are many popular ones on the internet. You will see a search bar on the web page. This is where you key in the title of the film which you wish to download. Clicking the search button will give you a list of movies related to the title that you keyed in.

You will notice in the list that various movie files will show up, although having the same title. Which you will pick depends on your preference. Do you want something that’s of good quality? Then pick a file with a larger size. Do you want something playable on your media player? Then pick a compatible file type.

You might also want to pick the file with the highest number of seeders available. Users that provide copies of a complete movie file are the seeders. They are the numbers of users online with the blockbuster film you are looking for. So the more seeders a file has, the more likely you will download it the fastest way. But it will also depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Once you have decided on a particular film, double click on it to start the download. Doing so will start up the torrent application, the one which you earlier downloaded and installed on your PC. Simply follow the subsequent instructions, which are very easy, to begin downloading.

Movie downloads are completed in only a matter of hours. But then again, depending on the file’s size, seeders, and of course your internet’s reliability. Once the file has completed downloading, you will get a message, and you can enjoy watching it right away.

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