Smartphone is the part and parcel of our everyday life. We can’t even consider a day without Smartphone. We use it for many purposes. When we need to connect with our home simply call from the Smartphone. We apply it for chatting, internet browsing or massaging. It’s an all-time friend for us. We use it for listening music or seeing a movie. Actually Smartphone can turn our day colorful. This Smartphone can be a problem for us when it gives minimum service due to the battery backup. Then it’s a very unwanted situation for us.

So, today I am going to discuss with you a common problem and that is short battery life time of Smartphone. I have been using Smartphone since 2009.Previously I have faced similar kinds of trouble. But at present I am totally satisfied with my Smartphone battery life time. I am going to share some tips by which you can increase your Smartphone battery lifetime.

Mainly there are two types of battery for Smartphone. One is lithium based and another is a nickel based battery. If your Smartphone has lithium based battery, then charge it 5-6 hours for the first time before utilizing it. If the battery is nickel based than charge it for 14-16 hours for the first time and follows a 2-4 full charge and full discharge cycle. If you follow this method than definitely it will give you a future long time battery backup.

Sometime we simply forget to turn off the Bluetooth after completing file shearing. But Bluetooth can consume your battery power. So don’t forget to turn it off after file shearing.

Try to use your Smartphone at a suitable brightness. Don’t use high or very low luminance. But at night it’s better to use low brightness. It will save your battery a lot.

Don’t use high back-light time. It will consume more battery. So set your Smartphone at low back-light duration.

When you are in the low network coverage area, and then try to avoid using your Smartphone. In low network, your phone constantly tries to connect to the better network. That consumes more battery. So its batter for you not uses your mobile phone at low network. if possible switch off your Smartphone.

Your Smartphone consume a huge quantity of battery power when you browsing on the net. So fix your Internet browsing and save your battery power.

Use GPS system only when you require it. The GPS system consumes battery more than Bluetooth system. So don’t use it when you don’t require it.

• Turn off vibration mode.
• Don’t use unnecessary application.
• Don’t use animation or live wallpaper for your Smartphone background.
• Attempt to use Black background for your Smartphone because it consumes less battery.
• Utilize a well reputed brand product for mobile charging.
• Use trusted apps because don’t download untrusted apps. These apps can use up more battery power.
I believe if you follow my tips than definitely you can increase your battery time and relief from frequent charging of your Smartphone.

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