You did it. You chose WordPress for the platform to build your website or blog page. You have picked your site theme and now are wondering how to get your site to work just as you originally envisioned. These plugins will certainly help you achieve that dream and create the website you’ve always wanted, all while increasing productivity and visibility!

1. WordPress Contact Form 7.0: Of course you want to be able to open the doors of communication with your clients. You could post a phone number and email address, but what you really want is to capture the data of the clients contacting you as well. Contact Form 7.0 to the rescue! This easy to install plugin comes with the default fields of name, email address, subject, message, and submit but can be easily adapted to your specific needs. Best yet – no coding is needed to add or change fields.

2. Akismet: With blogging comes the potential for spammers to bombard your blog – especially if it’s a popular one. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll receive all sorts of spam comments. Akismet stops spam in its tracks. Basically, this plugin previews messages that are being sent to you and checks them for potential spam before they ever make it to your blog.

3. WordPress Database Backup: Now that you have created your site, you’ll want to preserve all that hard work you’ve put into it. What would you do if your server crashed or your site gets hacked into? With this plugin you won’t have to worry anymore. This plugin allows you to backup your site in regularly scheduled increments. Once you’ve downloaded and activated the plugin, simply customize your backup settings according to your needs. This once daunting task becomes a thing of the past as WordPress Database Backup takes care of backing up your site for you.

4. All in One SEO Pack: Certainly you want to drive traffic to your site. So how do you get your site to appear in someone’s Internet searches? Use the All in One SEO Pack plugin. This plugin allows you to tweak your titles, item description, and add keywords to your posts to increase your rankings in search engines, which makes it easier for your readers to find you when they need you most.

5. Google Analytics for WordPress: So who is visiting your site, and what pages or sections are the most popular? Welcome to Google Analytics, an easy to install plugin that allows you to see into the minds of your visitors in a sense. This easy to use plugin helps you track traffic whether it is from the title of one of your posts, the article itself, or possibly even the comments field. You can even combine this plugin with Google Adsense.

6. Adsense Deluxe: We have all seen them; those ads that appear within a website or blog post luring our visitors to another site. But how do they really work? The owner of the site creates “spaces” within their blog or posts that allow advertisers to purchase space. These spaces are often referred to as banner or box ads. Adsense Deluxe allows you to build these advertising spaces within your site. Simply decide how many ads you will host with each page, sizes of ads, display location, and then let Adsense do the work for you. Management of ad sites is also as simple as a few short clicks.

7. Google Sitemaps: Ever wonder how you get your site to appear in searches on all the different search engines? Welcome to Google Sitemaps. This plug in provides XML-compliant feeds of your site and automatically updates the major search engines of any changes that you have made.

From backups to interacting with visitors of your site, building advertising blocks to managing spam and increasing your search engine optimization to managing traffic patterns, these plugins will help you create a site that is easy to use and manage. Achieving your website goals will be easier with the use of these and other popular WordPress plugins. Who doesn’t like easier when it comes to creating success online?

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