Today signals the 5 month mark since I started this little slice of Heaven on Earth. I can’t believe it! During this time I have grown so much, not only as a blogger, but as a woman of God. Since I love hearing how God has transformed people in their own lives, I thought I’d share 5 lessons I’ve learnt in 5 months blogging. I pray it encourages you and speaks to where you are in life today.

1. Progress over Perfection:

Upon starting blogging, and being a perfectionist in nature, I got easily overwhelmed by all I had to do. I never realised how much work goes on behind the scenes of running a blog … but the more I learn, the more I love it!

Since I can get easily frazzled, I have found that it is much easier to focus on one area at a time instead of spreading yourself too thin. Growing a blog/business/or anything else for that matter requires consistency. It is much more effective to slowly work away at your area of focus, instead of burning yourself out and giving up altogether.

2. Spiritual growth is essential to blog growth:

I have found that I need to be continually growing in my relationship with the Lord so that this blog can flourish, as well as my own life. If I fail to prioritise my spiritual growth, a few problems would pop up …

1- I would begin to do things in my own strength.

2- The reason behind this blog and ministry would lose it’s value.

3- I wouldn’t have much to write about.

4- I would be unable to help others because my advice and posts wouldn’t be coming from a place of honesty.

No matter what tasks arise during my journey to grow this blog, I must keep God as the main focus in my life. After all, He is the reason this blog exists, and I must stay connected to Him so that it can progress as He wants it to.

*Note: Regardless of what you put your time and effort into, placing value on your relationship with the Lord is the best thing you can do. God gives you all you need to thrive, and makes life work as He designed it to.

3. It’s not actually about me:

This is something that I constantly need to remind myself of. From the beginning, this blog was God designed, breathed and planned. But somewhere along the way … in between blog growth, new pinterest followers, and more visitors to this site, I gained a vision of where this blog could go. Where it could take me. And honestly, as I looked upon successful and financially profitable blogs, I dreamt more about what this blog could give me, instead of what I could give others through it. But it’s not about me.

This blog is God’s ministry, not mine.

It has nothing to do with my skills, talent or creativity, but rather what God is doing through me. I owe every single post to my Heavenly Father – for without Him moving and working in my life I would have nothing to write. And without Him giving me the words, I would have nothing to say.

I need a constant reminder of why I write as well … I desire to impart all that God teaches me to enrich your own lives, and help you in your walk with the Lord. It should have nothing to do with self promotion, and everything to do with God promotion. To make His name great amongst the whole Earth.

4. It is more important to be real than perfect:

The tendency we all have as humans is to cover up our imperfections and highlight the best parts of our lives. But I’ve learnt that for real growth to take place in one’s spiritual life, vulnerability and honesty is essential. I want to be obedient in sharing my struggles and challenges, so that you can learn from them and grow as a result.

5. Fully rely on God:

Do you remember those wristbands that used to be popular? They used to have letters embroidered on them to remind you of Jesus as you went about your day … WWJD – What Would Jesus Do? and the cutest one, FROG – Fully Rely On God. I should have this posted up somewhere on my computer because in the last 5 months I have realised how important this truly is.


When I think I have what it takes, or can manage something myself, I end up striving and relying on my own effort. I end up exhausted and left with an end result that is nothing close to what God could do through me. Blogging has taught me to constantly deny myself and surrender to God’s will. He alone knows what others need, and what needs to be done to run an impactful blog for His glory.

Even though these are the 5 lessons I’ve personally learnt from 5 months of blogging, I know that they can apply to you as well. How can you work towards implementing them in your current situation today?

Let’s keep seeking God and grow to be more like Him everyday!

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