The iPod Touch 4G is one of the greatest products from the house of Apple but you really need to know to use one for your own benefit to get the best out of the device. We know that there are bazillion apps that are available at the iTunes store for you to pick and choose from. Some are free while you have to pay for the rest. But can be assured of one thing and that is, you will get anything and everything you want from the store. Here is a list of the 10 best iPod Touch 4G apps that you can download from the iTunes store.


The website that has brought the world together is available as an app in your iPhone and you can download it and enjoy staying connected while you are on the go. The smooth user interface of the app makes using Facebook more enjoyable.


Free video calling and chatting is always welcome and Skype lets us do much more than that. One of my personal favourites, this app lets you stay in contact with near and dear ones and just like the site, most calls from the app are free, save a few.


This is another social networking app that you will love. I’m sure that most of you who are reading this have a Twitter account and you can now enjoy tweeting from your iPhone with the Twitter app. There are loads of other features that will keep you engaged.


All movie buffs need to have this app. It will tell you the latest news about all the movies that are soon to be released or have just released. There are reviews of recently launched movies that you can skim through and then decide if you want to go and watch it in the theatre next to you or not.


iBooks lets you know about all the books that have released and are about to release. There are reviews which you can read before you decide on purchasing a book. Also, if you have read a book you can review it and it will be displayed on the app and people will check it out before the make a purchase.


An app that you can download for free, it lets you bring all you pictures, videos, messages. It will solve all your problems of storage and you can share photos and videos with your family and friends using this app.


The app has numerous wallpapers that you can download and apply for the various homescreens that your device has. There are wallpapers of every category and you will not know which one to choose as one is better than the other.


Numerous themes and designs for the background of your app. You are sure to love this app in case you believe in giving a personal touch to your device. There is a wide range of themes to choose from and you are sure to find some that match your personality.


Keeping your iPod and then forgetting about it is not very unusual. But unlike your phone you cannot call on it and then track it with the sound of the ringtone. So here is the Find My iPod Touch that will help you to find your device in case you have misplaced it. You will need to use your iPhone for the same and the app will display an a map where exactly your iPod Touch 4G is.


There are bazillion apps available at the iTunes store, but how do you get to know about them? Well, the answer is the Find App Tracker app as it lets you know about the apps in the iTunes store taking into consideration your tastes and preferences.
These are the top 10 apps in my view, but you’re iPod Touch will only get that personal touch and be of use to you if you choose apps according to your liking. You can take the list as a suggestion and look of more apps at the iTunes store.
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